God has called us to help families in need of safe and strong shelter.

So we’re builds homes for families in need with your donations.

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Who Are We at Halfway Home Ministries?  

Halfway Home Ministries was started by Ron Nelson after years of mission trips to Jamaica’s children’s homes (orphanage).

During my time in Jamaica I’ve come to know more about the people and know more people. I found out that there is a need in the children’s homes and a need to build homes for families in desperate need.

Most of these families living conditions are very poor.

The government steps in if there are children involved and if they don’t have proper living conditions the children get removed until the situation changes.

Some families have a family member with disabilities and are in dire need of a new home or repairs to keep the family together. 

That’s why we build a better home so that the children and families with a disabled members can come back home. We also do repairs and maintenance to help these families as well. So come and join us or help with your financial support.

Jamaican Job Skill Training

Ron Nelson

Schooling: auto mechanic, plumber and business management

Certificate from American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) on safety training and root cause analysis

Owned a Handyman service company for 3yrs Goodland services.

Supervisor in mine maintenance, Equipment trainer for 5 yrs.

Had a horticulture license in Minnesota

Facilities manager

Spent 6 yrs. of Jamaican mission trips doing build and maintenance repairs in the children’s homes.

Dornett Harrison

With my previous experience as a teacher at the Kindergarten level for over 5 years has proven this fact. Despite a child’s educational development and growth, a Christian education is what I had to incorporate daily into my teaching lessons in order to promote a healthy classroom environment with good results and conduct from children.

Hence, from there my journey had expanded where I resigned from my posting as a teacher and started to do full time children’s ministry in association with my local assembly in Kingston.

My daily assignment from there would be to set schedules with schools within my community with their approval. I started to conduct devotional exercises, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with children.

Dornett and Her Son Danial

From there God has been just using me even more and began to  expand me which has allowed me to gain approval in other schools, not just in my community anymore but across the country of Jamaica.

Now, here I am with Half a Way home ministry, focused with the same goal and vision to go into the world and deliver the message of the gospel that Jesus saves. I see this as a great opportunity to expand even more and reach a wider span of children, youths and people.

Jamaican Job Skill Training

Danielle Straka

Danielle Straka has her Masters in Social Work and served as Onsite Director at Robin’s Nest Children’s Home before beginning to foster her teenage son.

She now lives in Negril and formed her own business in which she works remotely as a virtual assistant.

She is also an Adoption Case Manager for A Family In Bloom Adoption, serving their families adopting from the Caribbean.

Danielle has a passion for Christ and for providing youth with opportunities for healing from childhood trauma and the support to go into a stable and healthy adulthood.

Saoul Phillips

He is a young man that grew up in the children’s homes that we worked on 6 years ago.

He now comes on mission trips to the children’s homes with us and is like a son to us.


Ron Nelson, Founder and President, Halfway Home Ministries

Danielle Straka, Adoption Case Manager for A Family In Bloom Adoption 

Mike Stevens, Lead Pastor, Good Hope Church

Volunteer House Construction 

God has called us to help families in need of safe and strong shelter. So we’re builds homes for families in need with your donations.

Most of these families have a family member with disabilities or living conditions were so poor the child or children have been removed.

Please consider donating today.

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Working with the Jamaican government we will build homes to help better families living conditions.