Prayer Send Off

Do you ever feel you do not have enough time in a day? How about enough time in a week or even a month? Well, that is what me and my wife’s life has felt like the last couple of months.

Getting our lives ready to go into the mission field in Jamaica has been a forced march. Selling all our belonging in Phoenix and then trying to keep up with all the work at Mountain Park Church in Ahwatukee has been a 25 hours a day job.

This past week the pastor and the staff at the church gave my wife and I a lunch to thank me for all the work I have put into overseeing the construction of the new church and it getting everything moved from the old location to the new one. It was a major undertaking , and it was nice to get recognized for the work I did.

They also wanted to thank me for all the work I have been doing to get the church up and functioning properly before I leave. The church moved this last year, so the building is still very new and as you know a new building takes a lot of adjustments in the first year or two. So much to do before my last day on Sunday, December 30th.

I will miss this church…

…and all the things my wife and I have been involved in. It has felt like family. The church itself as well as the children’s ministry and one pastor and four other people will support us on a monthly basis.

After lunch the pastor and the staff surrounded my wife, and I and prayed a blessing over the two of us and HalfWay Home Ministries. It was a very special time for us both.

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Ron Nelson

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