On the Ground in Jamaica

The last blog update I shared the journey on getting to Jamaica. This one I’ll share what has happened since I hit the ground.

Two days before I leave Phoenix I get and text from a friend in Negril. She tells me she loaned her car to a friend to drive to Montego bay. Which is roughly two hours. As they were coming into Montego bay the car died. She then had it towed and was told the engine was bad. That’s when she texted me and said aren’t you coming in two days? Would you please look at my car to see what wrong and is it worth fixing?

I had to laugh, I get calls like this from people in the U.S. on just about anything and the day I land in Jamaica it starts. Ok God use me however you see fit.

On the Ground in Jamaica
On the Ground in Jamaica

On the Ground in Jamaica


I land and my ride is one hour late….. welcome to Jamaica, no problem man, irie.

The driver of my new van in Jamaica tells me where he’s at and I tell him to swing in and pick up my friend he’s right by her.

By time we get to the car it’s dark and with phone flashlight I inspect the car and there is a large hole in the side of the engine.

Not worth fixing this one.

We drop off the driver and then head to Negril and thankful my friend had an extra bed, so I crash there for the night. Saturday morning, I head back to Montego bay for a meeting with a potential volunteer partner.

Thank God for the people He’s put in my life and Halfway Home Ministries.

After the meeting the day turns into a challenge. I go to the local cell phone provider and get my new sim card to have Jamaican service. No problem right….

Well that’s what I thought until I did a few other stops. One was to get new brake pads because the new van is grinding metal on metal. Thank God I brought just the right tools and did a brake job off on a dirt road. I get to the hotel to check in and they ask for my id, sure no problem… oh no its still at the cell phone provider. I didn’t get it back when I signed up for service. Ok I’ll just call and go get it but it Saturday night in Jamaica and they closed.

One-night stay turns into two nights because when in a foreign country you don’t want to be driving around without your license.

The hotel checked me in with my passport and I enjoy two peaceful days in prayer, reading, planning, shooting video and walking by the beach. Well 9am comes Monday morning and I try calling with my new sim card and it doesn’t work.

On the Ground in Jamaica
On the Ground in Jamaica

On the Ground in Jamaica


30 seconds after I hang up my phone rings and its the cell provider and she says I have your license. I go pick it up, all is good again or is it?

All this time not knowing where I’d be staying for the first few weeks in January as I had been waiting to hear back about a place I’ve stayed before. We’ll God took care of that.

The lady I met about volunteering said there was one open room where her and her daughter stays. It was a large house with about 8 tenants. It turned out to be more reasonable than the place I was waiting to hear back from so I when to check it out.

I get settled in and begin the process of information gathering and paperwork, which is another story in itself.

On a positive note I did get my TRN which is my Jamaican tax I.D. for the mission. Now things well really start moving…. I hope.

See you on the next blog.

On the Ground in Jamaica

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