Mission Work at New Vision

We had a great time doing mission work at New Vision.

Love coming there to work on maintenance items, loving on the children, spend time with staff and get to know new mission minded people that come on the trip. 

This trip was no different than most.

There is always a long list of work to be done by us. So thankful for the team and the help on this trip.

Couldn’t have completed everything on the list without them.

Halfway Home Ministries had a lot of plumbing repairs from leaks to things not working and also painted and dug holes for coffee plants.

Mission Work at New Vision
Mission Work at New Vision
Mission Work at New Vision
Mission Work at New Vision

Digging holes for coffee plants is hard work. This is planning for the future.

Mission Work at New Vision

Mission Work at New Vision


New Vision is going to start farming coffee as well now.

We worked hard, had fun times with the children doing events and a campfire with s’mores.

Can’t wait for next year and the new team.

As for Halfway Home Ministries, we’ll be back sooner to help with maintenance as we’re here on the island now full time.

Please continue to pray for God’s protection, provisions, finances and direction.

See you next time.

Mission Work at New Vision

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If you would like to be a partner in the work we are doing in Jamaica we would love to have you come on board by partnering with us with your time or financially. 

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God has called us to start a training center/ transition housing, a working villa, for young adults 18-20. 

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