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Providing housing and on-the-job training for young adults.



Plans to Give You Hope and A Future

Partner With Us at Halfway Home Ministries  

Halfway Home Ministries is 100% supported by individuals and organizations who believe in our mission of igniting hope among the poor and broken, transforming their life direction.

There are two ways to support our mission and invest in the lives of young men and women: financial contributions and volunteering with our staff. Without each of these groups of individuals, we would not exist.

Please see below how you can immediately begin investing your finances and/or time in a cause that will last long after our stories have ended.


Jamaican Young Adult Ministries

Volunteer Your Time

Halfway Home Ministries, we would love for you to partner with us transforming the lives of people, and here is how you can do it:

Mentoring: Mentors are needed alongside our participants to walk through a season of life with them. We are not talking about a hand-out, or even a hand-up. We need mentors who can extend their hand of friendship and share their life experience with another for a season.

Teaching class: Volunteer instructors and assistants are needed to help teach our class curriculum.

Odd jobs: Your help is needed in doing various odd jobs, specialized work, and maintenance work.

Contribute Financially

Its only by monthly support and donations that this training and mission can be accomplished. We’ll work hard with the daily training, but we need your support to financially sustain this growing need.

The goal of Halfway Home Ministries is to open 4-5 training centers in Jamaica. Locations of these future centers are Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril and Treasure Beach.

Please click on the donate button to make a monthly donation, or a one-time large donation can be sent to the bank. See the details on our contact page for more information.

If donating by check or money order, please address to: 

Halfway Home Ministries, American Bank, PO Box 45, Nashwauk, MN. 55769

Jamaican Young Adult Ministries
Jamaican Young Adult Ministries

God has called us to start a training center/ transition housing, a working villa, for young adults 18-20. 

Ron Nelson 



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