Jamaican Never Ending Paperwork

After days of paperwork and getting insurance set up. The van is now transferred and insured.

As I mentioned, before I got my TRN (tax number) working on my driver’s license.

“O man” what a hassle dis been (as they would say in Jamaica).

Jamaica requires you to have the photos of yourself notarized. Because the photos of yourself could be fake. LOL!


What a process!!

Jamaican Never Ending Paperwork
Jamaican Never Ending Paperwork

Jamaican Never Ending Paperwork


It took 8 days to get the pictures notarized. After getting paperwork started on the van insurance, there were a few pieces of information they still wanted.

Well I got that turned in now and it’s complete.

On to bank accounts, wow this is worse than applying for a house the hardest and longest process of paperwork and approvals I’ve seen yet.

It’s been 3 weeks back and forth to the bank, Still no account.

No problem man!

I’ll just keep pushing forward and praying. God bless and keep praying.

Some cool things in progress. Look for the next blog on building opportunities with another mission group.

Jamaican Never Ending Paperwork
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God has called us to start a training center/ transition housing, a working villa, for young adults 18-20. 

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