House Building Jamaica Style

Things have been slow here in Jamaica. I felt that it would be good to go to a different church. It was a good message, but God had an even better plan.

I ended up meeting some other missionary people and had some great connections. One person in particular was Kevin from Jamaica Relief Ministries.

Turns out they had a house building project that they were starting that week. I then asked if they needed help?

I met Kevin on Tuesday and we went to the site. We shared our ministries and then got to work.

It was great to be on a job site project.

By the end of the day…

…they were asking if I would be back tomorrow. So, I moved some plans around and came back Wednesday. It reminded me of the trips to Rocky Point with Mountain Park Church.

House Building Jamaica Style
House Building Jamaica Style
House Building Jamaica Style
Jamaica Here I Come
House Building Jamaica Style
House Building Jamaica Style

Since then we’ve been talking and planning a partnership where Halfway home ministries can build houses and do maintenance using our students through JRM and the government.

We will start training 2-6 students in maintaining houses on the government list, then start building houses to help those in need and train our students.

In order for us to build these houses we need $6,000 per house and we can also bring in mission teams to build as well.

So excited for the plans the Lord has opened and how he brings people together.

Please be in prayer…

…if you feel the desire to support a house and training please donate on our website. We can send you what family you help support.

As always God bless, until next time.


House Building Jamaica Style

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God has called us to start a training center/ transition housing, a working villa, for young adults 18-20. 

Ron Nelson 


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